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Interior Design

About BMDesign

 BMDesign is a local design company that offer any design service you may need from exterior to interior. I take pride in the fact that I am not just a designer but a person with extensive knowledge of materials and construction. I specialize in 3D design to offer you a real life view of what the final design will look like. This also eliminates many costly changes or mistakes during the building process. I provide anything from consultancy work and design, to construction documents and material selection.

Using my knowledge and expertise, I thoroughly evaluate every property, discuss the client’s preferred design ideas, and then provide detailed schematics and graphics so you can visualize your dream home even before we start the renovation. My prices are very competitive. You can rest assured that once hired, I am there for you every step of the way until the project is completed.

 I will help you create the most beautiful and functional home  you can envision, taking care of all the details for you. My goal is not to impose my style on your project, but rather work with the style that you prefer to make this the most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space just for you. 

I would very much enjoy working with you to realize the potential of your project. Everything in my power will be done to satisfy your requirements, and to make the process enjoyable for you as well.

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